Easycraft commenced in 1986 based on the need for a product that provided an alternative to the original timber planks which were used in the construction of Qld homes built between 1870 and 1920.

Renovators wanted to keep the authentic look of the original Queenslander, but the cost of installation, knotholes, splits, dust and air leakage through the joins were all recognised as shortcomings of timber planks.

So, Easycraft created and produced a product to replicate the look of the VJ and Beaded timber plank profiles, made from MDF (medium density fibre) board. 

The MDF board provides a much stronger surface finish and solved all the deficiencies that came with using the original timber planks.

Over time other new profiles have been introduced, such as Beaded, Regency, Ascot and recently, more contemporary profiles such as Easygroove and Easyline (shiplap) have been added to complete a comprehensive range of decorative wall & ceiling linings that meet home renovation and new build trends. 

Easycraft have also developed a range of surface coatings in clear lacquer & white wash finishes.