Welcome to Easycrafts frequently asked questions section. Within these pages, you will find the most frequently asked questions (and their answers) about our products. These questions are to assist developers, builders and DIY users.


▸ Are different groove spacings available?

Yes, Special Groove Spacings (width between grooves) can be manufactured to order for VJ & BEADED profiles.

We also produce EASYGROOVE which has wider spacings of 150 and 300mm. See gallery images for more detail. 

Note - The Regency profile cannot have special spacings made - only 150mm centres are available for this profile.  

Consideration should be given as to when you require the product and to allow 10-15 days, as they will have to be especially made. An additional surcharge may also apply.

▸ Are easycraft wall panels termite treated?

No, our wall panels are not termite treated. Why? We put the question regarding the non-treatment of mdf board to our supplier and their response was;

“Within our current raw board portfolio, the only product which can be treated for Termite resistance, is Particleboard Flooring. The process to add the termite proof properties is not possible on our MDF lines, and I suggest that would be the same for the other MDF manufacturers in Australasia”. 

▸ Can I get a sheet with grooves running across the sheet?

No we do not groove across the sheet width. But what you can do is run the boards horizontally which presents the grooved profile across the wall, not from floor to ceiling. All sheets are 1200 nominally in width with lengths from 900mm to 3600mm long.

▸ Can I get EasyAscot panels which are higher than 900mm?

The standard EasyAscot system is tailored for traditional 900mm dado rail height applications. These is also a Full Wall Version made to suit a 2400mm wall height.

▸ Do I have to pay extra for the plastic joining strips?

The "EasyJoining Strip" is included in the price and is supplied fitted in the edge of the board.

▸ How long are the sheets?

Sheets range in lengths from 900mm to 3600mm. Sizing is Nominal and sheets can vary up to 10mm.  

Check with your local timber merchant or Harware store for details. Not all lengths are available in all States and Stores. 

▸ How wide are the sheets?

Standard stock lines are nominally 1200mm to 1210mm wide. They can vary slightly based on profile face and edge joining system.

▸ Is the Dado rail and Skirting included in the price?

A traditional dado rail, either without the rebate or a 9mm rebate is available at additional cost.

Skirting or other mouldings can be purchased at most good timber merchants.

Always check the rebate on choosen mouldings to ensure suitability for installation with Easycraft products.

▸ What is Easycraft made from?

All of Easycraft MDF products are made from the highest grade MDF manufactured in Australia - MDF MR E0.

EasyClad, VJ and Regency is a high impact resistant exterior grade 9.5mm thick board made from Australian hardwoods, selected for their durability and low fibre swell characteristics.

▸ What is moisture resistant medium density fibreboard?

Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is manufactured from plantation timbers; logs are reduced to wood fibres and reconstituted using special adhesives.

There are two grades of Medium Density Fibreboard produced; standard grade and the Superior Moisture Resistant Grade,  which is the only grade we use. 

▸ What profiles are available?

There are 5 grooved profiles. Easygroove in 150 & 300  - VJ 100 - Regency150 - Ascot and Beaded. 

But we can produce other unique spacings for some profiles that may be required to match existing timber walls or ceilings plam=nkis.  

Call us to see what we can do for you.

▸ What thickness's are available?

9mm is the standard MDF thickness and is used in most domestic applications for walls and ceilings. 

EasyVJ, EasyRegency and Easyline can be manufactured in 12mm and 18mm thickenss but is only available in two sizes - 3600x1200 and 2400x1200.

EasyClad is only available in 9.5mm.

▸ Which way does the groove go when you install the sheets?

NOTE - The Grooved Profile runs the length of the board, not across the 1200 width.

Traditionally the groove runs vertically, ie floor to ceiling.

The range of lengths offered by Easycraft easily satisfies floor to ceiling, picture rail and dado rail height applications. 

You can also run the boards horizontally giving a unique perspective when using decorative panelling.

▸ What Trimming is available to finish off Easycraft boards?

Follow the link below to discover a range of trimming options available to finish off your Easycraft boards