Welcome to Easycrafts frequently asked questions section. Within these pages, you will find the most frequently asked questions (and their answers) about our products. These questions are to assist developers, builders and DIY users.


▸ Can I get a better price for a large order?

Some timber merchants give a discount for quantity. We recommend you speak with your local timber merchant or hardware store. Or ask at your local Bunnings store at the Special Orders Desk. They can get prices for you and advise on delivery times etc.

▸ What is the lead-time?

We distribute nationally (ex QLD) so please allow a minimum of 10 working days to have product available for your project. 

▸ What is the price?

You will be able to get pricing from your local Timber Merchant & Hardware Store. Or drop into your local Bunnings store and ask the staff at the timber Trade or Special Orders Desk.

▸ Where do I place orders?

You can place your order with your local preferred timber merchant or hardware store. Or call into your local Bunnings store and see the staff at the Timber Trade or Special Orders Desk.

▸ What information should I give to the Reseller when ordering products?

It is best to use the relevant Easycraft Product Codes. This eliminates any confusion around which product you are after. It also assists the Reseller to order the correct product on us. Please refer to our online brochures which include all product codes for our core range products.  

▸ How should I order product through Bunnings?

Some stores will carry stock in the Timber isle or Trade section.

If they do not then best to go to Special Orders and discuss with them.

They should have product information available but if they dont you can ask them to call easycraft and request a Bunnings Fineline product code.

An example of a code number is  - easyvj 900x1200 panel - 0330843