Environment & Sustainability

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Zero Waste Program

As a result of our environmental commitment, here at easycraft we are working towards our goal of having a zero-waste production process. Our dust waste recycling initiative is taking us one step further to achieving this goal.

View our Zero Waste pdf to see how we are working to reduce wastage in large residential and commercial projects.

View our Zero Waste Program video here

Environmental Commitment

easycraft is committed to sourcing and using the best available environmentally sustainable timber for use in our wall & ceiling products and as such operates an AS 4707:2014 – Chain of Custody compliant management system for certified wood and forest products. Our core suppliers operate under the same standard and have Chain of Custody Accreditation.

This standard is part of the scheme which is endorsed by the program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, in accordance with PEFC International Standard – PEFD ST 2002:2013, Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products.


Global GreenTag certified products pass the world’s toughest standards to protect you, and your family’s health and safety, minimise your impact on our finite planet and put the power of selection back in your hands

Wood Naturally

easycraft is a proud promoter of the benefits of using wood based products, not only from an environmental perspective but also for the use, look, feel and additional hard wearing benefits.