Silhouette by Easycraft

Silhouette by Easycraft is a brand-new concept in decorative panelling, providing depth and texture though intricate high-quality panels, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

This innovative range has been crafted by the architectural and design community through exploration and collaborations on products and projects. Silhouette by Easycraft aims to inspire “material lead” design, giving all creatives the ability to incorporate natural shapes and shadows through hard-wearing durable materials.

Convex Free flowing form punctuated by subtle uniformity. The tactile nature of the profiles play with light to produce organic shapes and shadows. View Product
Cove Undulating curves contrasted with dramatic ridge lines. Inspired by the unforgiving coastline and protected coves of Australia. View Product
Channel Strongly defined channels spaced between unassuming plateaus. A subtle statement to complement the scale and scope of any environment. View Product